Effective October 1st 2020, is discontinued.
Thank you for being a part of our journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you recommend alternatives?
Creatlr was a whiteboard tool. Other platforms with similar functionality are Miro, Mural, Stormboard and Conceptboard.
What happened with the shared canvases on Creatlr?
Over the years lots of people have shared their canvases on Creatlr. We have migrated public canvases with a license that allows sharing and reusing.

Canvas Generation

Their new home is called Canvas Generation.
You are more than welcome to visit, search and share!
I forgot to save and export my work. Can you help me?
Sorry to hear that. These past months we sent email announcements/reminders and showed alert messages on Besides the headsup and warnings, we also promised to delete all user accounts and their content. We did not secretly save a copy. Maybe there are still some PDF exports in your mail or downloads folder? Good luck!